Apr. 21st, 2009

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We saw Star Trek last night at the Empire 1 Leicester Square.

I thought long and hard about what to post here and decided to say very little for a couple of weeks (at least until the film is released anyway). Mainly because there are some truely 'WTF, they can't have just done that!!' moments in the film and spoiling them would be too evil (I advise avoiding any reviews that go into more detail than if the film is good or bad as well).

What I will say is this:

I loved the film. It's not perfect but it's very very good. It's Heart is a Star Trek Heart (in fact the film has a lot of resonances with 'Wrath Of Khan' and in a good way). A lot more fannish references than I was expecting given the 'Reboot' idea - but not in a way that makes the film more inaccessible to non trekies. What I suspect will be an issue for some diehards (and I do count myself as a die hard Trek fan - it was my first and truest fandom) is what JJ and Co do for the cannon and the existing continuity (no they don't ignore it). Their choice is good and logical ;-) and what I said they should have done to finish Enterprise - but we can talk about that in a couple of weeks.

The main cast: As well as Quinto's Spooky looks of a young Nimoy, Pine and Urban suit the roles perfectly particularly the latter - even if you have not seen any pictures of Urban up to now, the moment he makes his debut you just KNOW - it's Bones. Pine take's a little longer but by the end of the movie a lot of the Kirk we know and love is up on the screen and the relationship between the key three is on a firm foothold if not completely established.

And I'm going to stop or I will say too much.

9/10 :)


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