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Jun. 6th, 2008 05:22 pm
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OK ... SO ...

I pre-ordered 'something' for myself and for [ profile] blazingskies for her Birthday. It was scheduled for release today and indeed the expected delivery date on both orders was indeed today.

I'm an amazon prime member so I also get next day delivery.


I get my 'item that shall remain nameless untill it eventually gets sent' in the post on Wednesday Yay ... go me. But the other one - the one with giftwrap and message AND THE MARKED FOR URGENT DELIVERY still hasn't shipped.

So at 8 am this morning I work out the amazon callback customer service thing and call them (well type my phone number in on the web and it calls me).

Amazon: Hello - which order are you chasing
Me: xxxxxx
Amazon: Ahh thats on preorder and hasn't been released yet.
Me: Yes it has - you sent one to me three days ago.
Amazon: no, we haven't had it yet.
Me: Yes you have check order # zzzzzz
Amazon: *um* Thats odd.
Me: Yes
Amazon: I will email the fullfilment center and they will get back to you.
Me: You can't call them ?
Amazon : No
Me : Well as long as it ships today.
Amazon : Well they should respond within three working days
Me: three working days ? But its a nextday delivery order, can't you phone them
Amazon : No we can't dial international (yep - you guessed it - offshore call center)
Me: Well can I phone them
Amazon: No - they don't provide telephone support.
Me: and emails take three days ?
Amazon: Yes.

So .... Becky you may or may not get your present tomorrow.

The only thing I can think of is that we are the northampton area which is the main amazon warehouse. I assume 'item that can not be named' needs to be sent to satalite distribution points ... Oh well ..

Hopefully you will like it.


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