Feb. 24th, 2009

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I've just found out that Simon Pegg was approached to play Rorschach and turned it down ...
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(Cross posted with my Redemption-Con)

In the Friday panel people were asking what certificate the Watchmen movie has.

I can confirm now that it has an '18' as I thought - The main reason for the certificate was a scene with a meat clever (which can safely be assumed to be the Rorsharch orgin segment), aparently it could have had a 15 without that and few other (short) cuts but the studio is OK with the 18 and the film is being released uncut, which pleases me and pretty much most fans (except the ones under 18).

Great post from a 16 year old (which oddly is how old I would have been if the movie had been released when the comic came out)on the watchmencomicmovie.com forums...

"An 18?

On one hand, Watchmen can only really do justice in all of its adult glory. Having a watered down version just wouldn't be the same, and we wouldn't get the true ferocity of both the Comedian and Vedit's actions (Those are the ones that have the most visual impact, in my opinion).

On the other hand...


Just bollocks. I'm going to sit in a corner now, if you'll excuse me."....

It made me smile anyway - you have to feel for her ...

We have just booked our Watchmen tickets ...

We are going to the new Digital Imax screen in Wimbledon as all the good tickets at the Waterloo iMax are long gone - plus we have obvious acessibilty issues with Gaspodia's foot - which we don't have at Wimbledon ..

If your interested we have just booked centre of the front row of the premier seating for the 12:00 (midday) performance on Friday 6th (Row G 14 & 15) seats available either side lol ..
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Ok - So I'm being a Watchmen Bore ..

It was the World Wide Premire last night tho ...

Here's Empire Magazines review .. Roll on Friday the 6th ...


If ANYONE can get me a Ticket for Wednesday's Press Screening PLEASE DO !!!! LOL :)
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This guy has seen the movie ..

SO pretty much loved so far ..

Excellent reviews from the Times, Empire Magazine, Total Film and many others ....

Oh .. The News of the World didn't like it ...

Ahem .. Why am I not suprised, perhaps if Jade Goody had been in it they would have enjoyed it ?


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