Mar. 5th, 2009

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Ok - the various planned Editions / Cuts

Currently (well from 00:01 tonight) we have the cut the studio let Synder release weighing in at 2 hours 41 (ish)...

Just released on DVD is the 'Motion' Comic. Basically a slightly animated but really a talking book version of the Graphic Novel. Some love this, It's ok, but I still prefer my Absolute printed edition.

Coming in two weeks a DVD release of 'The Tales From the Black Frighter' animation which also includes Hollis Masons 'Under the Hood' done as a Documentary.

In july the Extended Cut of the movie is to be released (depending how well Watchmen does at the box office this may even be a Cinema release as well as a DVD one it seems) weighing in at around 3 hours 15. This was the cut that Synder was happiest with although does not include 'Tales' or 'Under the Hood' This is what Synder wanted to release along side the Tales DVD as he knew he wouldn't get away with putting them in the movie. It's possible this will be released maybe with branching or maybe purely as a directors cut, but I suspect that both will be released to milk the fans for cash. For me - Its the next cut all the way ...

In September the Directors Cut/Super stuffed extended and then some edition weighing in at 4 hours 15 ish - basically the Extended cut with a few more scenes and 'Tales' cut back in where it was supposed to be, probably 'Under The Hood' will be in there too - I suspect a reworked version of the opening montage for that, and more newstand guy/reading kid interaction around the 'Tales' segments ...

So guess what will be running on our big screen as a gathering in September ;)

Go Here ...

Mar. 5th, 2009 07:30 pm
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and click on the Watch This Movie link :)

Cheezy but cool ....

*ETA* Going mad.

Heres the link

*ETA (From a comment in Emmzzi's journal)*

What I love about this however is how well the guy knows the source material - almost every sequence is heavily linked to its characters in the comic, 3 in a bed Jon, Rorscharch and the dogs, The comedians love for laurie and Ozzy catching the comedian as he falls out of the window. A true satrirical homage.


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