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2017-04-13 06:15 pm


If you can see this on LJ and not on DW please add me on DW ... (and visa versa)
And let me know ...
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2014-01-04 02:26 pm

DVDs on EBAY today ....

Also up today :

Star Trek Original Series TOS (Season 2 & 3)

Star Trek Next Generation TNG (Season 1 - 7)

Star Trek Deep Space 9 DS9 (Season 1 - 7)

Star Trek Voyager (Season 1 - 7 (New))

Star Trek Enterprise (Season 1 - 4 Box Set (new))

Doctor Who Season 1 - 4 (Season One Collectors Tardis Box Season 2 Lenticular)
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2013-06-06 08:54 am

Cineworld Algorithm

I need an algorithm.

Its for working out ways of watching films on a given day at cineworld.

It should be able to be fed 2 or more films, performance times and running times for each film and calculate a way to watch them all in one day ...

e.g. there are six films on on a particular day of varying lengths each film may have three or four showing - I want to be able to sort through into non overlapping options to give optimal order for watch the films..

Any one up to the task ?

I'm not nessecarily after code - just the Algorithm.
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2010-01-02 10:34 pm

To boldly go .....

Where no MMO has gone before ...

I'm obscenely excited about this .. I suspect I will loose the first week in february completely ... Probably will have to take leave ...
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2009-10-02 06:18 pm

Beer (well cider) in the evening

Exercising my CAMRA membership at the St Albans beer festival tonight. Trying a few halves of new ciders nothing too heavy
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2009-09-27 06:47 pm

Big Red Spinning Balls....

Well I have a DVD quality rip of 'That Movie' to tide me over until the blu ray comes out in November (the icon is a clue guys)...

This makes me happy. Huge hugs to the person who linked me to it ;-)

What sadly doesnt make me happy is the lichen planus resurgence which means i'm back on a course of Prednisolone over thirty days. These work but taking regular short courses means i get hit by rather bad side effects, which are getting worse every time - basically nausea, high blood pressure and acute mood swings (they are particularly bad with my particular chem related form of BP). I hit real lows and highs on these things too. So if you see me and I shout at you know why. I'm told there should be no lasting side effects after the course as long as I dont take more than two courses in a twelve month period.

Normal service will be resumed in four weeks or so.
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2009-05-04 09:31 am

Oh Yes ....

Happy Star Wars Day.

May the 4th Be With You ...

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2009-04-28 12:57 pm

Internetworld 09

Anyone else going to the Internetworld show on Weds ...
I remember the first one - and the #GB meet there so long ago...
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2009-04-25 11:28 pm

Silliest CSI Ever ... but fun

Ok ..
Watching 'Space Oddity' ep 9x20 of CSI ... aka Murder at 'Whatificon'

Very silly - but you have to love the murder vic is 'Reimagining' AstroQuest (Trek) and bringing it back as Galactica effectivly .. So who do they get to shout 'You Suck' at the guy .. Why - 'Ron Moore' lol ... not to mention that Grace Park is behind him ...

Some lovely toungue in cheek moments and doesn't take the piss (too much) out of fans...
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2009-04-21 12:40 pm

Space: The Final Reboot (NO SPOILERS)

We saw Star Trek last night at the Empire 1 Leicester Square.

I thought long and hard about what to post here and decided to say very little for a couple of weeks (at least until the film is released anyway). Mainly because there are some truely 'WTF, they can't have just done that!!' moments in the film and spoiling them would be too evil (I advise avoiding any reviews that go into more detail than if the film is good or bad as well).

What I will say is this:

I loved the film. It's not perfect but it's very very good. It's Heart is a Star Trek Heart (in fact the film has a lot of resonances with 'Wrath Of Khan' and in a good way). A lot more fannish references than I was expecting given the 'Reboot' idea - but not in a way that makes the film more inaccessible to non trekies. What I suspect will be an issue for some diehards (and I do count myself as a die hard Trek fan - it was my first and truest fandom) is what JJ and Co do for the cannon and the existing continuity (no they don't ignore it). Their choice is good and logical ;-) and what I said they should have done to finish Enterprise - but we can talk about that in a couple of weeks.

The main cast: As well as Quinto's Spooky looks of a young Nimoy, Pine and Urban suit the roles perfectly particularly the latter - even if you have not seen any pictures of Urban up to now, the moment he makes his debut you just KNOW - it's Bones. Pine take's a little longer but by the end of the movie a lot of the Kirk we know and love is up on the screen and the relationship between the key three is on a firm foothold if not completely established.

And I'm going to stop or I will say too much.

9/10 :)
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2009-04-20 02:16 pm


I'm going to the cinema tonight !!!!! Yay
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2009-04-16 09:07 pm

Criminal Minds ..

This weeks post opening credits quote was pTerry one - completely out of context .. freaky ..
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2009-04-15 09:40 pm


Oh My God.

Edit *Bens Face - The face of a man who has looked into the Abyss and knows he should have been pushed.

Lol - and the Muppetry continues....
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2009-04-15 09:19 pm


Oh My God ...

They had it in the bag then ... The Most Expensive Soap in the World. Ever !!!!

Cringe !!!!!!

***EDIT*** I have no idea who is going to win !!! And if Noorul wins he deserves to be fired anyway ...
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2009-04-14 04:51 pm

Red Dwarf

Ok... I suspect that if I wasn't the fan of Blade Runner that I am i would have hated it ...

As it is I found myself enjoying it, but still missed the studio audience badly ...

So .. more a comic relief style parody of itself than a new story - and I suspect better than it might have been because of it.

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2009-04-11 07:30 pm

Dollhouse confusion


According to the updates at the bottom of this:

It MAY not have been cancelled (in fact fox are still saying that its most certainly isn't at least not yet)and the unaired episode 13 is the second part of the season finale (it's not THAT unusual that a last/first get shot together for continuity) ..

So at the moment it's still in Limbo ...
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2009-04-11 07:26 pm

Hardly a suprise ...

But Fucking fox have done it agian ...

RIP Dollshouse - There's even episodes that won't air but will only appear on the DVD release.

I'm not suprise but bloody Pissed off. Whay can't Joss just find another network or better yet just go HBO ...
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2009-04-08 09:00 pm


Well .. Can the candidates top last weeks levels of extreme muppetry...
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2009-04-08 02:54 pm

May 8 ...

Well thats the IMAX Booked May 8 20:40 showing .. Row H which is pretty much middle heightwise of the Screen :)